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SOYAL Malaysia card access system offer 2 access control management software namely Soyal 701 and SoyalEtegra

Soyal 701 offer basic standalone door access for smaller system. SoyalEtegra more advance networking function that caters the need of medium and large system. SoyalEtegra is a complete access control solution with integrated CCTV picture capture, time attendance and optional visitor management module.

Soyal software can cater the needs from standalone simple system to advanced networking multi branch system. Soyal card access software is optimized to provide simplified GUI and practical features at more affordable cost.


SoyalEtegra – SACS Network Access Control Management with CCTV

-SACS is an client / server access control software.
-Support selected SOYAL hardware.


SOYAL 701 – Standalone Basic Access Control Management

-701 offer basic function to meet simpler requirement.
-Text file based database that is easier to manage.
-Support all SOYAL hardware.


SoyalEtegra SVMS – Visitor Management System

-SVMS manage and monitor all visitors coming to your premise.
-Support MyKad reader that reads in visitor personal info for faster check in.