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access-control-RFID-access-control-system-SOYALETEGRA-SVMS SoyalEtegra Visitor Management Software (SVMS) is to monitor and manage visitor. Each visitor check in and check out records will be recorded inside S VMS software for reporting and tracking purpose. Visitor management allows you to assign security level and badges to visitor. CCTV integration will capture pictures of visitor as optional visual evidence.


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-Photographic records of visitors.
-Restricted access to visitors to any particular department or area.
-Monitoring the visitors and their activities in the company.
-Prescheduled appointments by officers can be stored and makes the visitor pass issuing easy.
-Software can be integrated with existing security / access control systems, such as Barcode system, Smart card, stripe card based Time and Attendance system etc.

Product Overview:

The objective of VMS is to monitor, manage and audit visitor traffic using customized VMS software as a standalone system. VMS lets you define user security levels, designate access areas, badge visitors and then track those visitors. With VMS, the proposed system records everyone and vehicle that enters and exits the building.

Soyal Etegra VMS support the following application function:
-Easy check in
-Fast check out
-CCTV picture capture

Easy check in:

You could select what field you want to enter. Software able extract all info from Mycard and save you the trouble of entering visitor info.


Fast check out:

Select the visitor and check them out instantly.


CCTV picture capture:

Visual evidence for all visitors ensure better security audit.