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AR500U MAG AR500U is a highly affordable active RFID long range reader that can penetrate any windows solar film to truly offer effective long reading distance for parking access control. AR500U uses active RFID transponder and is compatible with most vehicle car park access control system to achieve one card total solution.
AR500U help automate and secure your guard house parking card access. Now you can go home feeling safer while enjoying the convenient offered by our advance RFID long range technology. Ideal solution for premium residential or commercial premise.

-Enjoy the convenient of handsfree – no need fully stop to flash card
-No more getting hand wet during rainy days or expose to robbery threat when winding down windows to flash card
-Reduce congestion of long car queue during peak hours
-Add premium prestige reputation to your residential or commercial building solar_film_ok


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Here are some of the videos of AR200U in real life application. Please click on the links to view them

True hands free


Trusted long range reader nationwide!


Dry on a rainy day


Problem faced by other long range reader :


-unable to penetrate solar film
-unable to confine reading range
-tags in the car behind are also being read thus creating anti pass back error

The main reason for other readers to fail is the failure to read through thick solar film such as Vkool & etc. But with our AR500u, we have developed a new technology to overcome this situation, thus providing a proven and affordable solution. Here are the technologies used

Site Implementation:


CCD100 Mini tag



Transponder Able to insert EM or Mifare card. Card can be removed when exiting from car.

Functional Properties:

-Identification distance is 7 meters
-The long-distance card reader remain in standby mode when not awaken.
-Strong signal penetrability even in car window solar film
-Small and smart
-Glass mounting bracket with installed on the back of rear-view mirror
-High-speed identification without affect from the vehicle speed

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