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mag-long-range-parking-reader AR200U is a mid range reader for parking card access system that can penetrate most solar film in market to offer affordable mid range reading without winding down windows. User can comfortably flash their card from inside the car. AR200U uses passive RFID long range card and is compatible with most vehicle car park access control system.

AR200U help automate and secure your guard house parking card access. Now you can go home feeling safer while enjoying the convenient offered by our advance RFID mid range technology. Ideal solution for budget residential or commercial premise. solar_film


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Can penetrate solar film (V-Kool)
Firmware upgradable in the field
Auto tuning function to compensate presence of metal and interference
Extended reading range from 70 cm to 120 cm.
Bright LED indicators, tuning LED bar
Attractive and weatherproof housing design. High-quality power supply with noise filter included

Real Life Application:

Here are some of the videos of AR200U in real life application. Please click on the links to view them

ar200 ar200 ar200


Specification Description
RFID Cards Accepted 125 KHz
Effective Read Range 80 cm to 120 cm with CDS18L
Audio/Visual indication Bright blue LED and buzzer
Maximum power switched by internal relay Up to 24V/ 2A
Operating Temperature - 10 ~ +60˚ C
Dimension 420 (w) x 320 (L) x 45(D) mm

Other Accessories:


CDS18L Long Range Card
Long Range card, reading range from 80 cm to 120 cm


MAG Gooseneck
CCTV passive transmitter and active receiver Balun. Max length 500
-Waterproof to protect reader
-Weather proof with Epoxy paint coating


BKT AR200U Mounting Bracket for AR200U
-AR200U Acrylic Mounting Bracket – to mount AR200U at the Gooseneck


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