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... Paradox Canada is top 10 alarm system in the world. It’s product is used by satisfied customer in over 100 countries since 1989 – internationally proven system to protect your loved ones and investment with absolute confidence.

Paradox is for people like you, people who require piece of mind along with the very best technology has to offer and still easily affordable.


-Twice The Security – paradox can secure two separate areas with one single system.
-Alarm That Talk – voice module will call up to 5 phone numbers to tell you which alarm zone triggered.
-Easy, Flexible and Stylish – Flexible 3 protection level when you are away, stay inside or sleeping at home.
-Go Internet – internet module will send out email to you in the event of alarm.
-Minima False Alarm – paradox patented technology worked hand-in-hand to keep false alarm to the very minimum.

How It Work?